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Cheryl Sternman Rule

Cheryl Sternman Rule has been writing professionally for newspapers, magazines, and websites since 2004. Her work has appeared in Sunset, Cooking Light, Body + Soul, Health, Vegetarian Times, Restaurants & Institutions, Delicious Living, Bay Area Parent, The San Jose Mercury News, The Santa Cruz Sentinel,, and Serious Eats... [Read More]

ESV Spring 15

Yogurt’s Cultural Evolution from Edible Silicon Valley

“Step into the dairy aisle in any Silicon Valley supermarket {…} and you’ll be presented with {…} yogurt in so many styles it boggles the mind…” [more]

WaPo Yogurt

The Truth About Yogurt from The Washington Post

“After years of sugaring our yogurt {…} we Americans are finally waking up to what the rest of the world has known for eons: that yogurt needn’t be sweet to appeal…” [more]

Sweet Harvest

Sweet Harvest from Women’s Health

“There’s more to fall fruit than apples and pears… Expand your palette (and your palate) and enjoy some of the season’s more surprising picks…” [more]

Sour Power

Sour Power from Edible Silicon Valley

“How Small-Batch Fermented Foods Allure and Nourish…” [more]

The Kitchn

You’re Doing it Right on The Kitchn

Various columns and articles in The Kitchn, a daily web magazine devoted to home cooking and kitchen design… [more]